Choosing healthy meat

Choosing healthy meat

On planet earth, we have observed that a wide number of diseases is spreading out day by day. The main factors causing these diseases are saturated fat and cholesterol which have been accumulated enough in our bodies by the food we are eating and gradually it becomes very difficult to get rid of the fat. This is why heart diseases and blood pressure diseases have become very common.

When it comes down to measurements of cholesterol, red meats, i.e., beef, mutton, lamb, and pork, etc. contain it in heavy amounts as compared to chicken, fish, and red beans. Cholesterol can worsen your heart diseases, so doctors never recommend red meat to a heart patient. As compared to most of the red meat, fish and chicken have it in lesser amounts. The unsaturated fats in which have various health benefits as they are more of protein enriched, e.g., salmon. To reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, one should consume fish. It has Omega-3 fatty acids which help one fight against it.

No amount of cholesterol is found in the beans. It is only found in animal products. Beans can be found of many types e.g., kidney, soybeans, pinto, garbanzo, you can eat of them, and they all are good for your health. Beans do not have any sort of cholesterol unless they are cooked with a meat product.

For Meat lovers

2As a tip for the people who prefer meat over anything, it is fine to have meat unless you are in taking it in limited amounts. As a recommendation from American Heart Association, it is always advised to limit the amount of lean meat, fish and skinless chicken to some amounts in your daily life. Fish should be served twice a day to consume
the best amount of Omega-3 fatty acids and proteins.

Eat More Chicken, Beans, and Fish

There are varieties of ways in which we can eat fish, poultry, and beans in our daily diets. Unsalted almonds, peanuts, walnuts can be used along with the oatmeal in the breakfast. Scrambled eggs can be eaten as an alternative if one isn’t a fan of oatmeal or walnuts.

In the lunch, chicken sandwiches, lentil soup or tuna sandwich can be eaten which will certainly make a very light yet a very healthy lunch. Seafood salad is also loved by people as lunch. Nothing is better than having rich proteins along with fresh vegetables for lunch, and it can make you feel fresher.

Chicken steaks are always a preferred dinner. If they are eaten with side vegetables, it makes a very delicious meal for the night which a person thoroughly enjoys till the very last bite. If you are not a huge fan of poultry and prefer seafood over it, then it can also be done by baking fish fillets with Italian dressing. For other cases, bean soup is also the best option if you love it as a main course meal.


3According to the reports of American Health Association, it is advised to choose fish or shellfish over anything else. If you want to have poultry, always have it without the skin. Baked or grilled fish are always recommended when it comes down to having enriched amounts of protein. As a shopping tip, it is advised to always browse for unsaturated low-fat frozen entries or food items as they will be low in cholesterol and sodium.