Top Reasons To Use Pre-Workout Supplements

Top Reasons To Use Pre-Workout Supplements

How do you get psyched up for a workout routine? Does a certain song get you going? A chest thump? A face slap perhaps? Well, you can ignite your training with pre-workout supplements.

Reasons to use pre-workout supplements

Get ready, set, go

According to sports nutritionists, pre-workout2g3ed6y237eu2i2i292t supplements are an important part of an athlete’s nutrition regardless¬†of whether they are training to lower body fat, gain muscle mass or just to get in better shape. What one consumes right before a training session can have a big impact on how well they perform during the session and how their body recovers afterward.

Train harder, for longer

One of the reasons to use pre-workout supplements is that they allow you to train harder for longer. This implies that your journey to weight loss is made easier. How’s this possible? Well, these supplements are formulated with compounds such as beta-alanine, BCAA, and caffeine which enhance focus, increase blood circulation and performance levels.

Most pre-workout supplements come in powder form which should be taken at least 30 minutes before the workout. This allows for the ingredients to be pumped around the body in readiness for training. If you are keen on accomplishing your fitness goals (who doesn’t wish to do so?), then you should take pre-workout supplements.

The three key pillars

As mentioned earlier on, pre-workout supplements contain three key ingredients – caffeine, beta-alanine, and BCAA. These ingredients give you energy, fight fatigue and help you build mass. Here is the breakdown:


This is undoubtedly the world’s most consumed psychoactive drug. Research has revealed that it lowers a person’s perceived rate of exertion. In other words, you find it easier to go through a routine. Most pre-workout supplements are caffeinated for this reason, but you can opt for caffeine-free ones if you work out after work and don’t want to disrupt sleep.


Also dutg23ed627eu28i292obbed as the ‘fatigue fighter’. This is a non-essential amino acid which increases secretion of carnosine in muscle tissue. This blocks accumulation of waste products that result in muscle fatigue. As a result, you can train harder, for longer.


This is the acronym for branched-chain amino acids which are valine, isoleucine, and leucine. These essential amino acids prevent muscle tissue from tearing down while encouraging new tissue to grow. As a result, you get bigger and stronger muscles.

The perfect blend
A blend of the three key ingredients in a pre-workout supplement will work magic. You train harder, gain muscle mass and recover from workouts fast.